Hello and welcome…
Summer has greeted me with an abundance of bookings for my solo show “Just me and my guitar”

Thank you to all the venues who continue to support and welcome me.…I launched this project last year and I have so enjoyed developing the set. The solo show gives me the opportunity to showcase my originals in the manner in which they were written, bringing attention to my love for the country blues guitar technique…I give thanks to the very kind hearted and tolerant Mr.Rick Stokes for helping me in approaching this style of playing….he is an absolute master in this genre of music and a great and treasured friend, I met Rick when I was about 15 at the local folk and blues club where he performed regularly showcasing classic blues songs on a resonator guitar.

The duo show with my brother J.C is out and about and gigs with Dick Taylor and Rupert Brown on drums are coining in for next year already.

I am getting a new show on the road working with published music writer/poet Dr.Brian Hinton…we shall share the stage with original works…songs ….poetry…extracts from Brians literature, the rehearsals are going well, full off dynamics, bravery, fun and emotion.

I have been back in the studio creating and experimenting, I’ve a pile of songs to process and care for…already recorded a track with Dick Taylor (Pretty Thing’s guitarist) engineered by James Thorpe…Dicks playing as sublime as always… we’re cutting another track soon.

My pen is moving for future assignments with Monks Road Social…the last release “Rise Up Singing” (released 2022) features Paul Weller. My contribution is the opening track on side B “Borderline” which I co- wrote with Miles…thank you to the Japanese Vinyl magazine BAN BAN TON TON for your review “…and there’s a definite nod to Lee Hazlewood…a fine example being the brilliant Karen Dalton-esque Borderline”…. Recorded at RAK studios St.Johns Wood London in January ’22…a collaborative project with master players on board…Mick Talbot, Orphy Robinson, Matt Deighton, Ernie McKOne, Crispin Taylor, Jacko Peake, Steve Sidelnyk, Lee Skelly, Dr.Robert, Miles Copeland, directed by Richard Clarke, Dr. Robert and Miles Copeland.

Very excited to announce that I have been invited to play a Blues Club in Edinburgh…I received an email from a club who has been following my sound since the reviews and release of my debut album Vagabond Saint, so I am working on putting a tour together.

I continue my involvement in the film industry as wardrobe designer/continuity for script writer and producer Rowena Amos…9 of Cups Productions.

I have been involved in 5 productions the latest film “Unexplained Island” where I am now the other side of the camera and appearing with all the cast alongside actor Colin CarMichael (Detectorists) narrated by Paul McGann, this will be released as a TV documentary where it explores Isle of Wight ghosts …mysterious creatures and strange tales….it truly was a week of spoke adventure and discovery…

This year see’s the release of “Sun Dog” featuring Paul McGann filmed June ‘22 and “Weight less” featuring punk icon Toyah Wilcox filmed September ’22.

Well folks that’s it for now….I hope our paths cross at some of my shows.
Please keep checking wishing you all the very best.

Angelina xx